Marketing Plan Tips for 2018

Analyze Past Year Performance:

In order to develop a successful marketing plan, you first have to look back at the marketing plans for the previous years. Your marketing department or marketing director should be using the data from google analytics, your email service and your marketing automation systems to determine what are sources are driving the most leads.

After you have collected year-over-year analytics data from each marketing channel and their sales conversions, you will be able to ask two important questions:

  1. What’s working?
  2. What’s not working?

75% of your marketing budget should be filled with the marketing channels that produce a high ROI for your company. The remaining 25% can be new marketing channels that you want to test and tweak throughout the course of the year.

List Your 2018 Goals:

So once you have analyzed your past  year performance, its time to determine your 2018 marketing goals. Your marketing goals should be strategic objectives that are quantifiable and specific.

Example Goals:

  1. Ranking number 1 on SERP for a certain keyword or phrase for the year.
  2. Raising your brand reputation to 4 stars on yelp and google reviews.

Remember, you can always add more goals or change your goals during the year so don’t be afraid to make your goals a hard challenge to achieve.

Picking the Right Marketing Channels for 2018:

If you have been tracking your leads in your company CRM system, or throughout google analytics, you can easily see which marketing channels brought in the most leads and sales.

If you’re not tracking your sales conversions, than you are guessing in the dark and have no clue how to create your marketing plan for 2018. But don’t worry, I have some great advice for you.

The entire staff at WAM Strategies will tell you that social media  is the most cost effective marketing channel on the market today and EVERY business should be taking advantage of it.

Prioritize Your Most Important Marketing Channels:

In order to prioritize your marketing channels for 2018, you need to find out which marketing channel generated the following:

  1.  Lowest Cost Per Lead
  2.  Highest Amount of Traffic
  3.  # of Conversions/Opportunities

The top 4 or 5 marketing channels with the best metrics should be the ones you focus on during the course of year. If you’re budget is tight it may be best to focus your investments on one or two channels for the 1st 6 months or the entire year.

Ultimately, there is no magic formula. Your marketing plan should be a mix of different methods, based on data, the resources you’re working with and the audience you’re trying to match.

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