Questions to Ask Yourself:

  1. FREQUENCYHow many posts do you publish per week?
  2. TARGET AUDIENCEWho do I want to reach? 
  3. VALUEWhat value am I delivering to my audience?
  4. GOALSWhat is my conversion page? CTA?

Keys to Success:

  1. Picking the Right Social Media Platforms
    One of the most important steps in launching a successful social media campaign is choosing the right platform to connect with your audience. Whether your choices are being driven by which networks your audience spends time on, analytical data or how best to showcase your content, harness the power of those network’s best practices to increase your ROI. 
  2. Tracking Your Key Performance Indicator’s (KPIs)
    KPIs, or key performance indicators, can help you understand if your company is on the right track for success—and if it’s not, where to focus your attention. But with the amount of data that today’s businesses and organizations generate, it is important to choose the right metrics and indicators. Some of the most popular Social Media KPI’s are the number of Weekly Followers, number of weekly Likes/Shares, and the number of New Visitors vs Returning Visitors. 
  3. Join & Start Conversations
    Social Media is all about starting conversations and there is a big difference between a one-way and tw0-way conversation. Unlike a one-way conversation where a company typically dominates the narrative and doesn’t really acknowledge or interact with visitors/followers , a two-way conversation directly connects brands and consumers. A two-conversation is a also dialogue, where brands speak and listen to their audience, responding directly to their wants and needs. As a brand, you should share news and ideas, even if they aren’t yours.
    The idea is to educate, inform, and “delight.” Engaging in conversations, shows that you’re not just a cold organization disconnected from your customers; it shows you are listening, understand, and care about your customers concerns which makes for a very powerful, long-term relationship.
  4. Deliver Valuable Content
    In order to have a successful marketing campaign, your company will need to create content that your audience views as valuable.
    Questions to Consider:
    What is the valuable piece of content?
    Why is this piece of content important?
    How will this content benefit the end user? 
  5. Ask customers for feedback
    Customer feedback is so important because it provides marketers and business owners with insight that they can use to improve their business, products and/or overall customer experience. This insight can help you create a product that customers want to buy and create an experience that exceeds expectations and keeps customers coming back for more. Remember, there’s never too much feedback – the more the better!

Social Media Examples:

  1. Social Media Marketing Campaign 1
  2. Social Media Marketing Campaign 2
  3. Social Media Marketing Campaign 3

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